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Commercial truck in for repairs in Myerstown, PA

Heavy-Duty Industry Articles

How to Choose the Right Fleet Maintenance Provider for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Fleet Maintenance Provider for Your Business

Don't let breakdowns sink your business! Find the right fleet maintenance provider to maximize uptime, fuel efficiency, and vehicle lifespan. Learn key factors like service expertise, location, communication, technology, and more. Choose Diamond Fleet Service for expert care and a true partnership.
The Role of The Turbocharger on Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Performance

The Role of The Turbocharger on Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Performance

More power, less fuel! Heavy-duty trucks get a boost from turbochargers. Learn how these parts work & how they affect performance & fuel efficiency. Keep your trucks running strong with Diamond Fleet Service!
5 Tips To Increase Your Heavy-Duty Truck Performance

5 Tips To Increase Your Heavy-Duty Truck Performance

Unlock the full potential of your heavy-duty truck with these 5 expert tips from Diamond Fleet Service. From regular maintenance to engine tuning and load management, enhance performance for optimal efficiency and reliability.
Inside the heavy-duty truck repair shop

Questions To Ask When Selecting A Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Shop

Choose the right heavy-duty truck repair shop with Diamond Fleet. Discover expertise, certifications, comprehensive services, and quality maintenance for a reliable fleet. Read client testimonials now.
Engine repairs in shop

Common Causes Of Engine Overheating In Heavy Duty Trucks

Discover common causes of engine overheating in heavy-duty trucks. Learn preventive measures & maintenance tips to safeguard your truck's engine performance.
Semi trucks parked at shop

How To Diagnose And Repair Common Coolant System Issues In Heavy Duty Trucks

This article guides truck owners and mechanics in diagnosing and repairing common coolant system issues in heavy-duty trucks. Understanding these concepts promotes vehicle longevity, efficiency, and road safety.
Truck getting oil & fluid service

Using The Correct Oil And Fluids In Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance And Repairs

Discover the significance of using the correct oils and fluids in heavy-duty truck maintenance and repairs. Learn how proper lubrication ensures engine performance, longevity, and reliability, preventing wear, overheating, and corrosion. Contact Diamond Fleet Service for expert guidance on selecting optimal oils and fluids for your fleet's maintenance needs.
Heavy-duty truck electrical equipment

Troubleshooting Electrical Equipment in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Discover the importance of troubleshooting electrical issues in heavy-duty trucks to prevent downtime and ensure safety. Learn about diagnostic tests, early problem detection, and expert repair services. Contact Diamond Fleet for reliable electrical troubleshooting and maintenance today.
Heavy-duty truck repair shop

Tips For Choosing The Right Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Shop

Picking a trustworthy truck repair shop is tough. Details matter. For drivers and managers, safety and performance hinge on the right choice.
Truck coolant system

Common Coolant System Issues in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Big trucks carry heavy loads over distances. Coolant prevents engine overheating. Without it, overheating is a worry. Study coolant problems like leaks.
Hydraulic truck brakes

Understanding The Differences Between Air and Hydraulic Brakes In Heavy-Duty Trucks

Heavy-duty truck brakes differ from passenger car brakes. Trucks typically use hydraulic brakes, while some passenger vehicles use air brakes. Hydraulic brakes are similar to car brakes but better suited for commercial vehicles. Air brakes require less maintenance but provide less stopping power.
Truck engine in repair shop

The Impact of Fuel Quality on Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Performance & Longevity

Fuel quality is vital for heavy-duty truck engines. This article explores its impact on performance and longevity, emphasizing the importance of high-quality diesel fuel.
electrical tools in repair shop

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Our Diesel Mechanic Services

The diesel mechanic team at Diamond Fleet Service provides trusted truck repair and maintenance services from our shop in Myerstown, PA. With a long history of keeping commercial fleet healthy and on the road for your business, we have earned Pennsylvania's trust. Get in touch with our team today for more information and to request service.

Diesel mechanic performing DOT Inspection on semi truck in Myerstown, PA

DOT Inspection & PA Inspections

Thinking about scheduling your next DOT inspection service? At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we offer comprehensive federal and state DOT inspections for commercial fleets, including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks.
Diesel mechanic performing fleet maintenance services in Myerstown, PA

Fleet Maintenance

At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we live and breathe diesel fleet maintenance and management—it’s in our motto. Whether you need preventive maintenance or quick repairs, our technicians can do it all.
Diesel mechanic performing general diesel repairs on semi truck in Myerstown, PA

General Diesel Repair

Nothing can quite ruin your day like a “check engine” light or screeching brakes. At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we’re masters of all things diesel. Our technicians, with 35 years of combined experience, can fix or service anything, from a quick oil change to brake repair.
Diesel mechanic performing preventive maintenance service on semi truck in Myerstown, PA

Preventive Maintenance

If there’s anything better than getting fast and high-quality repairs for your fleet, it’s preventing it from getting repaired altogether. Our crew at Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to helping you avoid unexpected breakdowns.

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