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Fleet operators choose Freightliner not just because of the name, but because of their reputation for being an affordable, high-quality truck. At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, our team of mechanics have the experience to diagnose and repair any Freightliner issue.

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What is Freightliner Known For?

If you’re looking to save money on your next truck purchase, Freightliner is the way to go. With many Freightliner models exhibiting low maintenance requirements and long service intervals, not only are Freightliner trucks renowned for their low cost of ownership but they are also designed to offer exceptional fuel economy, saving you money over the long haul.

Whether you need a truck for long-haul deliveries, construction work, or any other application, Freightliner has you covered with a range of flexible models to choose from. With Freightliner, you can count on getting the job done efficiently and effectively while keeping your operating costs to a minimum.

Common Freightliner Problems

Although Freightliner trucks are built with quality in mind, they’re not indestructible. Common problems with Freightliner include a faulty brake system, starter system failure, and clutch wear and tear.

Freightliner trucks are manufactured to withstand heavy freight, but if not regularly maintained, Freightliner brake systems can suffer from worn-out components, corrosion, and even complete air brake system failure. Thankfully, Freightliner trucks use an independent braking system—if one of the brakes fails, the truck will come to a halt by the remaining brakes.

In the colder months, Freightliner trucks suffer from ignition issues. If you experience a clicking noise when you turn the key, an engine that doesn’t start, or a starter that isn’t engaging, it’s time to get your ignition system fixed.

The clutch is also prone to wear and tear in Freightliner trucks, as overloading the clutch, oil leaks, or negligence of oil changes can cause excessive stress on the clutch and consequently, strain on the clutch disk and driveshaft.

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