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Looking for reliable EGR system and DPF repairs for your diesel fleet? Don't let emission control problems slow you down. At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we're experts in all things after-treatment. Whether you need routine cleaning or advanced repairs, we'll get you sorted.

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What are EGR Systems?

EGR systems, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems, are the first step in reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. They work by recirculating some of the exhaust from the engine back into the combustion chamber, reducing harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxide and particulate matter.

EGR systems typically consist of a valve and piping that connect the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold. As the engine runs, exhaust gas is drawn from the exhaust manifold and recirculated back into the intake manifold. This recirculated exhaust gas is then mixed with incoming fresh air, reducing the oxygen content, lowering the temperature of the intake charge, and subsequently decreasing the amount of NOx formed during combustion.

What are DPFs?

DPFs, or diesel particulate filters, are the second step in reducing the amount of particulate matter emitted from the exhaust of your diesel fleet. These devices work by trapping particulate matter, which is then regularly burned off.

DPFs are typically composed of ceramic or metal fibers designed to capture and hold particles in the exhaust. When the exhaust passes through the filter, the fibers trap the particulate matter and prevent it from entering the atmosphere. The trapped particles are then burned off during a regeneration cycle. During this process, fuel is injected into the exhaust stream and burned in the filter, which is heated to a very high temperature. The high temperature is what causes trapped particulate matter to be released, allowing it to be filtered out of the exhaust.

After-treatment: Common Problems, Symptoms, and Repairs

EGR and DPF systems in heavy-duty diesel trucks are prone to a variety of common issues, including clogged filters, contamination of the filter, and problems with the EGR valve or piping. If you get the "check engine" light or notice an increase in exhaust emissions, poor fuel economy, decreased engine performance, or rough idling, you most likely have a problem with your after-treatment.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to repair EGR and DPF systems. This can include replacing the filter, cleaning the filter, and replacing the valve or piping. However, to avoid ongoing repairs on your after-treatment system, we suggest you get your EGR and DPF systems checked by a skilled technician.

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