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Heavy-duty suspensions are built to withstand treacherous terrain, hold most of your trucks' weight, and don't require regular maintenance. But this doesn't mean they can't get damaged—at Diamond and Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we've seen and repaired all types of suspension issues.

Diesel mechanic performing suspension repairs on truck in Myerstown, PA

Air Suspension Repairs

Whenever you see a semi-truck on the highway, they're most commonly equipped with air suspensions. This type of suspension allows the driver to adjust the ride height to accommodate different loads while providing a smooth ride regardless of cargo.

But although air suspensions are the go-to for long-distance freight hauling, they can suffer from several damages like leaking airbags, damaged airlines, and faulty air compressors. Airbags can leak due to punctures, wear and tear, or damage caused by debris on the road. On the other hand, airlines can become damaged due to chafing or cracking, leading to air leaks and loss of suspension pressure. Faulty air compressors can also cause issues, such as reduced pressure in the suspension system or a failure to inflate the airbags altogether.

Other common issues include faulty height sensors, which can cause the suspension system to malfunction and unevenly distribute weight, and worn-out shock absorbers, resulting in a rough ride and reduced vehicle stability.

Leaf Spring Suspension Repairs

If you have a fleet of dump trucks, then they're most likely equipped with leaf spring suspension systems. Leaf spring suspensions are phenomenal at what they do: carrying heavy loads and driving on uneven surfaces.

But that doesn't stop them from getting the occasional worn bushing or flattened spring. If one of your trucks is suffering from a rough ride, reduced load-carrying capacity, or uneven tire wear, it may be a sign that either your leaf springs are worn or cracked, your bushings are damaged, or your shackles are worn out. Whatever the problem, regular inspection and maintenance of leaf spring suspensions can help prevent these issues and ensure that your heavy-duty diesel trucks operate safely and efficiently.

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At Diamond Fleet Service, we specialize in air and leaf spring suspension repairs for light- to heavy-duty diesel trucks. Our expert mechanics can diagnose and repair any suspension issue to get your truck back on the road in top condition. We use only high-quality parts and ensure that our repairs are done right the first time to minimize downtime and maximize your investment. Contact us today if you’re having suspension problems.

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