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Don't know how often your trucks should be serviced for oil and fluid changes? At Diamond Fleet Service, we know all about each manufacturer's recommended oil and fluid service interval—if you're around Myerstown, Pennsylvania, schedule an appointment with us to learn more.

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Oil & Fluid Changes

Regular oil and fluid changes are crucial for the smooth functioning and longevity of diesel trucks. Clean oil lubricates engine components, reducing wear and tear, and improving fuel efficiency. Similarly, other fluids, such as brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant, are the bloodline for your fleet's various systems. Neglecting regular oil and fluid changes can lead to overheating, poor engine performance, and damage to your trucks' components.

It is essential to keep an eye out for signs that your trucks need an oil or fluid change, including dark or dirty oil, grinding or screeching sounds, transmission slipping, or coolant leaks. Additionally, heavy usage or extreme weather conditions may warrant more frequent oil and fluid changes. That's why for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty diesel trucks, we suggest you get an oil change every 5,000-20,000 miles and a fluid change every 30,000-50,000 miles. However, this can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the operating conditions.

At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, our experienced technicians provide comprehensive oil and fluid change services for every type of diesel truck. We use high-quality fluids and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your trucks get everything they need. Our team of experts can help you determine the best service intervals for your truck based on its usage and operating conditions.

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