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Over the years our team of diesel mechanics have been asked all sorts of diesel related questions. So, we decided to put together a handful of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Still have a question for us? Get in touch today!

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How often should I get oil and fluid maintenance?
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Neglecting oil and fluid maintenance can lead to engine overheating, poor performance, and roadside breakdowns. We suggest you get an oil change every 5,000-20,000 miles and a fluid change every 30,000-50,000 miles.

Why do heavy-duty diesel trucks use air brakes?
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Air brakes are preferred in heavy-duty diesel trucks because of their increased stopping power compared to the conventional hydraulic brakes you see in passenger cars.

How does my DPF work?
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Your DPF is typically composed of ceramic or metal fibers that capture particulate matter when exhaust gases pass through them. The trapped particles are then burned off about every 300 miles, in a process called a “passive regeneration cycle.” If your DPF is clogged, we’ll force a regeneration cycle to burn off the particles.

How does my EGR work?
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The EGR is essentially the first component in your after-treatment system. It recirculates a portion of the exhaust gases back into the intake manifold, which is then mixed with fresh air to lower the amount of NOx during combustion.

Does Diamond Fleet Service only service diesel engines?
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Diamond Fleet Service specializes only in diesel engine repairs. Our talented mechanics can perform a number of repairs like cylinder head repairs, head gasket replacements, fuel injector cleaning, valve train repairs, and glow plug replacements.

What is included in Diamond Fleet Service’s preventive maintenance program?
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In our preventive maintenance appointments, we’ll change your oil and fluids, inspect and adjust your brakes, check your electrical system (battery, starter motor), run diagnostics, and inspect for leaks in your exhaust system.

Does Diamond Fleet Service offer fleet management services?
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Yes, our fleet management services include a range of activities like state and federal DOT inspections, preventive maintenance, and oil & fluid service. Our Fullbay fleet management software is perfect for fleet owners as it can integrate with your ELD/GPS provider to provide you with valuable information to optimize your fleet management.

Does Diamond Fleet Service perform state and federal DOT inspections?
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Yes, we are an official PennDOT inspection station who can perform both state and federal DOT inspections.

What type of vehicles does Diamond Fleet Service work on?
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Diamond Fleet Service specializes in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks and fleets. We work on a range of manufacturers, including Mack, Volvo, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Western Star, Kenworth, Hino, International, Caterpillar, and the upcoming Tesla Semi Truck.

How experienced are Diamond Fleet Service’s mechanics?
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Our skilled mechanics have over 35 years of combined experience working on all types of diesel trucks and engines.

When did Diamond Fleet Service open?
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We opened our doors in 2022 when James decided to take charge of his own destiny and help out other fleet owners in the process.

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Our Diesel Mechanic Services

The diesel mechanic team at Diamond Fleet Service provides trusted truck repair and maintenance services from our shop in Myerstown, PA. With a long history of keeping commercial fleet healthy and on the road for your business, we have earned Pennsylvania's trust. Get in touch with our team today for more information and to request service.

Diesel mechanic performing DOT Inspection on semi truck in Myerstown, PA

DOT Inspection & PA Inspections

Thinking about scheduling your next DOT inspection service? At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we offer comprehensive federal and state DOT inspections for commercial fleets, including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks.
Diesel mechanic performing fleet maintenance services in Myerstown, PA

Fleet Maintenance

At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we live and breathe diesel fleet maintenance and management—it’s in our motto. Whether you need preventive maintenance or quick repairs, our technicians can do it all.
Diesel mechanic performing general diesel repairs on semi truck in Myerstown, PA

General Diesel Repair

Nothing can quite ruin your day like a “check engine” light or screeching brakes. At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, we’re masters of all things diesel. Our technicians, with 35 years of combined experience, can fix or service anything, from a quick oil change to brake repair.
Diesel mechanic performing preventive maintenance service on semi truck in Myerstown, PA

Preventive Maintenance

If there’s anything better than getting fast and high-quality repairs for your fleet, it’s preventing it from getting repaired altogether. Our crew at Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to helping you avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Contact Diamond Fleet Service

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Diamond Fleet Service. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always here to assist you with all of your heavy-duty truck fleet repair and maintenance needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services.

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