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Brakes aren’t the flashiest system in a diesel truck, but they are what grinds a seven- to eight-ton vehicle made out of pure steel and iron to a stop. At Diamond Fleet Service in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, our skilled technicians will have your truck’s brake system ready in no time.

Diesel mechanic performing brake repair on semi truck in Myerstown, PA

How Air Brakes Work

Commonly found in medium- to heavy-duty diesel trucks, air brakes work differently than traditional hydraulic brakes found in cars and some light-duty diesel trucks. When the brake pedal is pressed, air is compressed in the brake chamber, pushing a rod that activates the brake shoes. This causes the brake shoes to expand, which is what makes contact with the drum and creates enough friction to slow down or stop the truck.

The air brake system is powered by an air compressor located on the engine and an air tank that stores compressed air. A brake pedal valve regulates the air pressure and controls the braking action. 

Brakes: Common Problems, Symptoms, and Repairs

Although air brakes are far more reliable than hydraulic brakes and come with reduced maintenance costs, especially for medium- to heavy-duty diesel trucks that need the extra stopping power, they still need to be repaired and maintained. As time marches on, air brakes tend to suffer from brake fade, air leaks, worn-out brake pads, and problems with the compressor.

If you experience reduced braking power, noisy brakes, and/or an abnormal brake pedal feel, it’s time to call your local diesel truck repair shop. Repairs for air brakes generally consist of replacing brake pads, but technicians may also repair any air leaks, fix the compressor, or, at worst, replace the entire brake system.

Brake Pads Service Interval

Being the point of contact with the brake disc  to create the necessary friction to stop a diesel truck weighing thousands of pounds is no easy task. Brake pads are arguably one of the most significant components of your truck’s brake system, and taking good care of them can help you tremendously in the long run.

Over time, your brake pads will eventually wear down. Depending on the make, model, and how rough you are on your brakes, brake pads typically last 60,000 miles. But if you frequently make abrupt stops or carry heavy loads, you may need to replace them after 35,000 miles. 

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